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  • How to use the sleeve machine

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    The utility model relates to the technical field of sewing machines, and more specifically, to a special part of a sewing machine dedicated to sewing sleeve sleeves.
    A sewing machine is a machine that uses one or more sewing threads to form one or more stitches on the sewing material so that one or more layers of sewing material are interlaced or stitched together.
    -The general sewing machine includes: a needle, which adheres to the thread and rises and falls; and a looper, which holds the looper and advances and retreats in a direction substantially orthogonal to the up and down movement path of the needle, after repeated The looping motion of the looper is used to capture the loop of stitches formed by the needle under the needle plate, and the looper thread held by the looper is used to wind the stitches together, and then the stitches are formed on the sewing fabric.
    However, in the existing skills, when sewing the sleeve of the sleeve, it is often because there is no specific equipment to press the processed fabric, which simply constitutes the problem of uneven wrinkles and unsightly stitches, and is caused by traditional needles. The cuffs sewed with the looper are generally not strong and have no elasticity at the seam, which is very simple to form a crack in the sewing thread.

    In view of the shortcomings of the existing skills, the intention of the present invention is to provide a tromming machine that completes the compression and flattening of the fabric through the compression and conditioning organization provided on the needle board, and makes the stitches after sewing Flexible and strong.
    In order to accomplish the above intent, the present invention provides the following skill plan: a sleeve machine including a sewing machine body and a needle plate, a needle is provided above the needle plate, and a pressure regulating organization is arranged on the needle plate. Tightening the organization includes conditioning organization fixed on the needle board and compression organization hinged on the conditioning organization,
    Conditioning organization, including conditioning base, the conditioning base slidingly connected to the first conditioning block in the horizontal direction, the first conditioning block slidingly connected to the second conditioning block in the vertical direction, the conditioning base is also adjusted with the first conditioning The sliding direction of the block is adjustable, and a hook-shaped positioning block is provided. The hook portion of the positioning block is hooked with the top conditioning block, and there is a tensioning portion between the conditioning base and the top conditioning block. The tight part keeps the hook of the positioning block in close contact with the top conditioning block;
    The compression structure includes a splint. One end of the splint is hinged with the conditioning base. A pressure plate is provided on the upper and lower sides of the splint. The middle of the pressure plate is hinged with the pressure plate. The other end of the hinged end of the clamping plate and the conditioning base is provided with a pressure head. The pressure head is pressed against the pressure plate, and the pressure plate is provided with an elastic member between the clamping plates at the other end of the pressure head along the middle of the boundary line. After the elastic member, the pressure head is always in pressure against the pressure plate.
    The utility model is further provided that the conditioning tissue further includes an auxiliary sliding part, and the auxiliary sliding part includes a third conditioning block that is adjustable in the width direction with the conditioning base. The third conditioning block is provided with a roller, which The scroll wheel is in contact with the top conditioning block.
    The utility model is further set as follows: the other end of the first conditioning block opposite to the second conditioning block is provided with a pull rod, the end of the pull rod is provided with a chain, and the chain is completed by the foot pedal of the sewing machine to complete the pulling of the chain, and then drive the top conditioning block Sliding.
    The utility model is further provided that: the side of the top conditioning block opposite to the compressed tissue is provided with a blocking block, the blocking block is connected with the top conditioning block through the penetration, and the rotation viewpoint of the compressed tissue is completed through the blocking block .
    The utility model is further set as follows: the stitch of the double-chained loop seam is a piece that grasps the suture and moves up and down through the travel of a curved needle that can advance and retreat in a direction substantially orthogonal to the vertical movement path of the needle The stitch loop formed by the needle under the needle plate is formed by mutually winding the associated stitch loop with the looper thread held by the looper.
    The utility model is further set as follows: after the looper is in the running state and after sewing is finished, the orientation makes the orientation of the suture loop grasped by the looper stick to be closer to the looper than the descending orientation of the needle The azimuth status of the traveling end side until the needle descends and passes through the suture loop caught by the associated looper, and the orientation of the suture loop is dispensed with for the needle descending and passing through the The sewing action of at least one needle including the suture loop causes the suture held by the needle to self-wind the associated suture loop.
    The utility model is further provided that: after the curved needle thread is located closer to the front side or the rear side than the descending direction of the needle, the curved needle is pressed to send out the curved needle thread.
    Compared with the existing skills, the advantage of the present invention lies in: after pressing and adjusting the tissue, when sewing the cuff, the upper and lower two fabrics of the opening that the cuff needs to be sewn can be sandwiched between the upper and lower pressure plates, passing The splint and the pressure plate press the flattened fabric, and after the feeding of the feeding teeth, the sewn fabric is always in a tight and straight condition; and according to different types of cuffs, it can adjust between the compressed tissue and the adjusted tissue The position of the rotation point of view of the compacted organization through the resisting block; and through the top conditioning block and positioning block of the conditioning organization, different positions of the top conditioning block on the conditioning base can be completed and can be firmly positioned, and after the second The vertical movement of the conditioning block on the top conditioning block completes the adjustment of the distance between the second conditioning block and the presser foot of the sewing machine. After adjusting the distance between the second conditioning block and the presser foot, the adjustment of the sewing cuff is completed. Sewing width; after putting the looper in the running state and ending the general sewing, insist on keeping the orientation of the loop of the suture held by the looper at the position closer to the travel end side of the looper than the descending position of the needle, Until the needle descends and passes through the loop of the suture caught by the looper, then, the above-mentioned orientation of the loop of the suture is released, so that at least one needle including the needle descending and passing through the loop of the suture is performed The sewing action of the sewing machine is then self-winding the previous sewing loop with the thread stuck to the descending needle, and the self-winding part is used to press the looper thread, thereby avoiding the application of suture and looper thread The magnitude of the tension influences the removal of the looper thread, and can reliably avoid the stitch opening at the occurrence stage.

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